(Contributions of $10,000 or more)

Avery Outdoor
Robert Bartling
Bowes Construction
Don and Donna Broksieck  
Brookings Health System  
Central Business Supply  
Jeffrey and Christine Chicoine  
Concrete Contractors - Tim Burns
Dakota Abstract and Title  
Dana and LaDawn Dykhouse   
Roy Jackson  
Jensen Masonry  
Dean and Linda Krogman  
Stephanie Kuchta  
Don and Cleo Lockwood  
Mesirow Financial  
Millborn Seeds
Bob and Joni Miller -
Perkins Restaurants
Bob and Peggy Miller
Fred and Ardyne Rittershaus  
Leslie and Wanda Roberts  
John "Matt" and Helen Sutton  
Kimberly Tyler and Joe Walker  
Merritt and Pamela Warren  
Larry and Linda Youngren  
Tom and Lynne Zimmer

(Contributions of $5,000-$9,999)
Gerald Acheson  
Brookings Auto Mall
Chester Farm Service - Thomas Reiff and Mike Roberts  
Rick and Barb Dohrer  
Einspahr Auto Plaza
Harry and Charleen Forsyth  
Harms Oil  
John Hartman  
Janet Simonitsch and Phil Haskett  
Denny and Cindy Josephson
Jake and Phyllis Krull  
Dr. Peter and Katherine Looby  
Nathan and Sarah Millerbernd  
Osmundson Family  
Outlaw Graphics
Rapid City Chevrolet
Rainbow Play Systems  
Jodi Schulz  
Brad Seely  
Sharp Chevrolet

(Contributions of $2,500-$4,999)

Allegra Print and Imaging  
American Foods Group  
Rusty and Sherry Antonen  
Dr. Bruce and Florence Beier
Dorine Bennett
Dave and Kathy Beste
Pete and Jo Binker
Donald Bong  
Sid A. Bostic and Family
Brian Bowme  
Dana Brandys  
Zachary and Sara Carter
David and Marcia Chicoine  
Jared Clark  
Brad and Christine Cordts
Arlo and Barbara DeKraai  
First Bank and Trust - Brookings  
Hampton Inn - Brookings  
Austin Hansen  
Bob and Tina Hillman  
Casey Hillman  
Rob Hillman  
Holiday Inn Express - Brookings
Holiday Inn Sioux Falls City Centre  
Steven and Kasey Holwerda
Gary and Joan Isenberg  
Aaron Johnston  
Dean E. and Kendra K. Kattelmann
Dan Kippley  
Tim Mouw
Scott and Kristin Munger  
Dave Peterson Real Estate
John and Pat Popowski  
George Prest  
Mike and Pat Reger
Dan Rentschler
Rod and Deb Schaefer  
Schoon's Pump N Pak  
Scott Seely
Justin and Jennie Sell  
Jason and Shannon Sempsrott  
Super 8 Motel - Brookings  
Stephen J. Ward  
Geoffrey and Macee Wilber  
Wurth Family

(Contributions of $1,000-$2,499)

Jeff and Jean Albrecht  
Dick and Jan Anderson  
Sonja Anderson  
Dave and Vickie Angner  
Back of the Bus Gang  
John and Bridgett Baumiller
Rob and Kristen Beyer  
Richard Bong  
Brookings Wrestling Association
Roxann and Joseph Byrnes
Steve and Karla Carpenter  
Lloyd and Carol Carson  
Charles and Mary Cecil  
Don and Angie Charlson/
Buffalo Wild Wings-Rapid City
Abie and Penni Chadderdon
Gene and Jo Ann Cheever  
Dr. R.M. and Linda Christensen  
James and Erma Christophersen  
Civil Design, Inc.  
Colorado Sports Outreach  
Comfort Inn - Brookings  
Scott and Karla Dagel  
Paul and Sara Danger  
Dave's Collision Repair Center  
Chuck and Amy Derdall  
Ron and Cheryl Deutsch
James and Maxine Dornbush  
Drs. Michael and Brenda Doty  
Dreesen Farms  
Craig and Bonnie Dybedahl  
Eastern Farmers Cooperative  
Bob and Mary Lou Ehrke  
Steve and Michelle Erpenbach  
Denny and Jan Everson  
Fergen Enterprises, Inc.  
Fischer, Rounds and Associates
Kelly and Paula Fitts
Ron and Anita Frankenstein  
David and Lori Fremark
Ron and Kathy Fujan
Keith and Irene Goehring
Michael Griffin  
Linda C. Groon  
Chad Groos  
Bruce Gunderson  
Doug and Anne Hajek  
Gary Hansen  
Mylo and Lillian Hellickson  
Rich and Mary Helsper  
Dale and Janet Hill  
Troy and Desiree Hokeness
Hungerford Chiropractic
Lonn and Sylvia Huntington  
Clair Husby  
Jerry Jasinski  
Keith and Cherie Jensen  
JMS Grain Farms, Inc.  
Aaron P. Johnson  
Gene and Diane Johnson  
Cory and September Kirby  
Greg and Pam Kneip  
Mark and Marcia Kozel  
Al and Irene Kurtenbach  
Carl and Carol Larson  
Jeff and Sarah Larson  
Phillip and Jane Lee
Jennifer Lidel  
Life's Great Moments LLC  
Rick and Traci Lindner  
David and Bobbi Lower  
Nick Lumby
Keith and Sue Mahlum  
Harry and Connie Mansheim  
Jack and Ellie Marshman  
Bill and Lynn Matthews  
John and Diane Maynes  
McKeever, Inc.  
Midwest Glass - Jim and JoAnne
Harvey Mills
John and Kristin Morse  
Dr. David and Sela Nagelhout  
Brad and Wanda Neugebauer
Ope Niemeyer
Fred Oien  
Dolores Ostroot  
Jay and Michelle Parker  
Tim and Peg Pederson  
Doug and Lori Peterson  
Marv and Jodi Peterson
Joe and Michelle Pieczynski
Michael and Beth Pietila  
Dennis and Amy Placzek  
Prairie Striders  
Presho Livestock Auction  
Bill and Mary Rader
Michael and June Redmond  
Howard and Mary Rice  
Tom and Kristi Richter  
Kevin and Debbie Roberts  
Robert and Charlotte Roe  
Dennis Ryland
Thomas L. Sannes
Kevin and Maryann Sargent  
Vernon and Ruth Schaefer  
Scheels All Sports - Sioux Falls  
Wayne and Jackie Schlagel  
Bob Schmidt  
Becky Schmieding  
Howard and La Vae Sigaty  
Sioux Empire Staters  
Sioux Falls Area Community
Jeff and Lori Skinner  
Lowell and Karen Somsen
Southwest Tour and Travel
Ray Spellman  
Staurolite Inn  
John and Laurie Stiegelmeier  
Milton and Phyllis Stiegelmeier  
James Talbert
Kevin and Erin Tetzlaff
Calvin and Janet Thielbar  
Dave and Vicki Tjaden  
Craig and Kate Treiber  
Craig and Della Tschetter  
Wes and Lois Tschetter  
Bill Tyler  
Scott and Diane Underwood  
Gary and Sharon Van Riper  
Double W Ranch - Rich and Jo Waldner  
Arlen Wallum  
John Waltner  
Jennifer Warkenthien  
Gerald and Carolyn Warmann  
Warne Chemical - Ken and Judith Vahle  
State Farm Insurance - Skip and Sharon Webster  
Kirk and Joyce Wilson - Martin Drug  
Winona Family Dental Care  
Verne and Bonita Winter  
Winter, Inc.  
Jim and Penny Woster

(Contributions of $500-$999)

Brian and Denise Aamlid
Advance Auto Parts  
Ronald Amundson  
Glen and Sharon Anderegg  
LeRoy and Ruth Anderson
Mark and Gayle Andrews
Wayne Avery and Shari Budahl Avery  
Banner Associates, Inc.  
Keith and Glynn Bartels
Jared and Ashley Baszler  
Jason and Angie Baszler  
Steve and Jody Bauer  
Bierschbach Equipment and Supply  
Paul and Mary Bisson  
Lee and Betty Bjorkman
Bob and Ceci (Masson) Bode
Jeff Booher
Jim and Kathy Booher
Peter and Barbara Boucher  
Todd and Karen Boyd  
Tom and Beth Bozied  
Roger and Maxine Brink
Robert and Nicki Brooks  
Brost Land and Cattle - Frank Brost  
Chris and Megan Brown
Bruce Burckhardt
Mark Burgers  
Mike Burgers
Busse Plumbing, Heating & AC, Inc.
Clyde and Karan Calhoon  
Chris and Margie Carpenter  
Chain Gang Tailgate
Donald Charlson  
Robert Clarksean
Clites Electric - Mike Clites  
Mardell Colbeck
Walt and Marjorie Conahan  
Chad and Jill Cravens  
Jeff and Paula Davis  
Davisco Foods International  
Debra DeBates
Jerry and Nancy deBlonk  
Doug and Kay Decker  
Doug and Sherry DeJong
Jason and Wendy Dorman  
Ray and Vi Dorn  
James and Anna Drew  
Terry and Danita Duffy
Jim and Evelyn Edwards  
Jim and Rita Edwards  
Dal and Carol Eisenbraun
Dr. Virgil and Georgan Ellerbruch  
Gale and Marie Erickson  
Lewayne and Nancy Erickson  
Adolph Fejfar  
Jerry and Mary Fiedler
Ed and Patti Fiegen
Jim and Vicki Field
David and Pam Fischer  
Ben and Rose Foley  
Maury and Tamara Forsyth  
Foster Farms - Rod and Lori Foster  
R. Gregg Fritz  
William Gamble  
Dan and Rae Jean Gee  
Dave and Jo Gibson  
Gary and Marcia Greiner  
David Gullickson  
Wayne Hansen  
Dan and Judy Hanson  
Joe and Dawn Hardin  
Jason Harms  
Christopher and Anne Harris  
Spencer Hawley  
Jim and Suzanne Hegg
Karly Hegge
Flash G. Helm
Cindy Henning
David and Julie Hilderbrand  
John T. Hittle  
John and Beth Hofer
Kevin and Joan Hofer
Todd and Chaille Hofland
Ed and Joan Hogan
Eric and Mona Hohman    
Homestead Building Supplies  
Don and Lois Houwman
Shannon Huber  
Mick and Connie Hurlburt  
Mary Janssen  
Joe and LouAnn Jensen  
John Jeske  
Carl Johnson
Ryan Johnson  
Don and Peggy Kenefick  
Bruce and Nancy Keppen  
Kevin and Michele Klapprodt  
Doug Klein  
Jon Kleinjan
Paul and Brooke Konechne
David and Shari Lane
Joanna Lane  
Lantern Lounge  
Bret and Mary Larson  
Doug and Shirley Larson  
Ronald and Ilene LaVallee  
Jason and Holly Liles  
Gary and Karna Lindner  
Tom, Peggy and Nick Lombard  
Bruno and Barbara Lorenz  
Ludwig Concrete  
Mike and Pat Lund  
Pat and Nancy Lyons  
Megan McGee
Michael and Nancy McKnight
Laurie Melum
Joe and Jan Mendel  
Dr. David and Patricia Meyer
Matt and Lisa Miller
Clem and Karen Morgan  
Moriarty Rental and Real Estate Mgmt.   
Lee Munger  
Scott and Jamie Nagy  
NAPA Auto Parts  
Mike and Terri Olinger
Dan Pankonin  
Pavilion, Inc.  
Jim Pedersen  
Lenny and Karen Peterson
Brad and Michele Pfeifle
Brian Piearson  
Brad and Jill Powell  
Tim and Kristi Prince  
Harlan and Jan Quenzer  
James and Jill Quigley
Steven and Marysz Rames  
Dale and JoAnne Reeves
Marc and Viola Richards
Clay and Pam Roberts  
Todd and Kathleen Rohr  
Mike and Patti Roth
Rude's Funeral Home, Inc.  
Clifford Ruesink  
Run for Beef and Eggs  
Gary and Kellie Sandquist  
Sanford Health  
Gregory Sayler  
Roland and Sandra Sayler  
Mark and Amy Schoeneman
Jim and Karen Schramm  
John T. Schultz  
Jeff and Jane Siekmann  
Arden and Lavonne Sigl  
Dan and Barbara Somsen  
State Theatre Company  
Karla Stevenson  
Todd and Cheryl Telford
Ronold and Jan Tesch  
Larry and Gail Dobbs Tidemann  
Mike and Mary Tofte  
Nate and Gina Trebilcock
Emery Tschetter and Jenny Crickard  
Glen and Beth Uken  
Chuck and Kathleen Van Hove  
J.B. and Elaine Weber  
Wells Fargo  
Dennis Westergard  
Perry and Antonia Wiechmann  
Charlie Wilber  
Wink's Fine Jewelry - Jerry and Judy Miller  
Lance and Amy Wipf  
Milt and Mary Woken  
Roger and Bonnie Wolters
Tom and Kim Young
Tom and Gwen Yseth
William and Bonnie Zink

(Contributions of $375-$499)
Doug Algra  
Troy Anderson  
Mary Arnold  
Jason and Rochelle Aune  
BankStar Financial  
Ron Bartels  
Tom and Linda Bartholomew  
Jim and Julie Baszler  
Chris and Erin Bauman
Roger Bell
Sherwood and Elizabeth Berg  
Steve and Benda Berseth  
Harry and Mardella Birath  
Tom and Gayle Birath
Brian Boomgaarden  
Bob and Eleda Brotsky
Walt and Kris Brown
Bruce and Judy Burrell  
Clark Insurance Agency  
Clayton and Karen Cook
Stan and Neva Corlett  
Arvid H. Dills
Pat Duncan
Daryl Englund  
Brad and Jennifer Erickson  
Tedd and Bev Evans
Steve Everson  
Tim and Janet Fergen  
Vance and Ericka Flanigan  
Mary J. Fleming  
Chuck and Linda Friedrich  
Ned and Jenny Gavlick
Harry and Shirley Gibbons
Great Plains Brokerage  
Garry and Marge Grorud  
Calvin and Ellona Grosz  
Broc and Trecia Gulseth  
Jerry Gustad  
Claud and Patty Hacker
Chad and Jill Hansen  
Dan and Jessica Hansen  
Harold's Printing Company  
Tim and Kristi Healy  
Dan and Jessi Hegg  
Jim and Suzanne Hegg  
David L. Helgeland  
Bill and Jolynn Hennrich  
Bill and Kathy Heylens  
Terry Hill
Dan Hoke
Les and Michelle Howard
Ron and Dorothy Huether  
Mark Huls  
James and Diane Johnston  
Dennis Jones
Bob and Jean Jostad  
Sheila Kaemingk  
Dr. and Mrs. Alex Kahler
David Karolczak
Rob Klinkefus
Kip and Kim Kludt
Delores Koepsell  
Ray and Susan Kontz  
Matthew and Melissa Kurtenbach  
Gayle Kvistad  
Donald Lee
Art and Marla Leitzke
Darin and Tammy Loban
Forrest and Veva Lothrop  
Margaret Lytle  
Tom and Judy Martin
Gladys McCracken  
Shayne McDougall
Roger and Clarice Megard  
Bob and Pat Meyer  
Dennis and LaDonna Micko  
Hazel Moe  
Kevin and Amber Moe
Gabe and Cindy Mydland  
Jerry and Ann Nachtigal  
Nagel's Bump and Paint Shop  
Jim and Eileen Nawroth  
Dr. Barry and Kay Nelson  
Jeff and Joan Nelson  
Larry and Sandra Nelson
Curt Ness and Cheryl Herrig-Ness
Coke Newman  
Greg and Jane Ode
Chuck and Kathy Olson  
David and Roberta Olson  
Dr. Carol and Charles Peterson  
Steven Pietila  
Randy and Karmen Piper  
Prairie Coach Trailways
Butch and Mary Reinesch  
Kevin Rogers  
Marian L. Rude  
Craig and Kristi Russow
David St. John
Lee and Pam Schmidt
Gene and Nancy Schneider
Chris and Linda Schumacher
Mark Schuttloffel  
Skoglund Insurance Agency  
Col. Orville and Charlotte Smidt  
Ila K. Swenning Insurance  
Tom and Sue Thelen  
Brandon Thiesse  
Dale and Glenda Thompson  
James and Susan Thompson
Roger and Lissa Turbak
Twin City Fan and Blower Co.
Darin and Anita Weber
Lang and Tabitha Wedemeyer
Wensman Seed
Marvin and Elaine Wieman  
Jim and Doniese Wilcox  
Sally Willis  
Rod and Shirley Wipf  
Leon and Joyce Wrage
Kevin and Barb Wurtz  
Roger and Helen Zebarth  
Matt Zens

(Contributions of $200-$374)

Michael and Barbara Adelaine
VJ Ahlers Excavation  
Richard and Brenda Akland
LaVerne and Frances Andersh  
Terry Anderson  
Tom Anderson  
Deane and Carolyn Antoine  
Associated Consulting Engineering, Inc.  
Aurora Auto Body and Glass
Back in Motion Chiropractic
The Bailey Family
Chuck Barg
Barti Metal  
Lisa Beekman  
Susan Bell  
Chuck and JoElle Benson  
Justin Benson  
Charles and Mary Lou Berry  
Mike and Monica Berry  
Michael and Michaela Bertram  
Kristi Beukelman  
Kelly and Tami Bittner  
Phil and Jackie Blackford  
Lori Bocklund
Arvid Boe
Greg and Ellen Boekelheide  
Michael Boetel  
Joe and Coral Bonnemann  
Verne and Debbie Brakke
Kevin Braley
Joseph and Nanabah Brewer
Mark and Rhonda Britzman
Brookings Ace Hardware  
Jack and Ellen Brown  
John and Kathleen Bruce  
Keith and LaShelle Bruinsma  
John Bruner  
Tim Buterbaugh  
Stacey Byrum  
Jim and Patty Cain
Bruce and Diane Card
Craig and Kim Carson
Terry and Sharon Casey
Kim Cassel  
Ed and Debbie Catani
Richard Caughey  
Dwaine and Gayle Chapel
Clark Engineering Corporation  
Richard and Eleanor Coddington  
Duane and Eunice Colburn  
CounterPart, Inc.  
Tom and Robin Coursen  
Luverne and Barbara Crosser  
CSC High Plains  
Dakota Insurance Agency -
Dale Heesch  
Dakota Mobile Hydraulics  
Russ and Angela Daly  
Mathew and Kristi Davis  
Darrell and Ruth DeBoer  
LaRon and Lori DeBoer  
Jason Dempster  
Jeremy Deutsch
Arden and Marilyn Dewald  
Darrick and Beth Dierkhising  
Brian and Judith Donahoe  
Dan Dryden  
Jane Dvorak  
Jeff and Missy Eckerle
Doug Edwards  
Rick and Becky Eggebrecht  
Robert and Carolyn Eide
Jeff Eidenshink
Eidsness Funeral Home
John and Denise Eidsness
Eric Erickson  
Casey and Erica Estling
Jim and Ann Fay
Jon and Anna Fischer
Richard and Kerry Fish
Jeff Fliehs  
Marc and Sue Ford  
Robert S. and LaVetta Foster
Andrea Fouberg
Ron and Mary Frank  
Dr. Peter and Marion Franz  
Matt and Kari Fuks  
Mike Garnos Memorial  
Erik Gerlach  
Kelvin and Heather Gessner  
Doug Goodale
Howard and Barb Goodfellow  
Laura Goodhope  
Robin Grinager  
Brad and Candace Grossenburg
Matt Gunderson
Bruce Haggar  
Kip and Jeanne Hansen  
Kyle and Jennifer Hansen
Doug Hanson
Marty Hanson
Matt and Kelli Hanson
Eric Harry  
Greg and Jeanne Hassel  
Tim and Gina Hawkins
Jeff and Angela Hebbert
James B. Heine  
Michael and Clare Helling
Benjamin and Sara Hellmann
Roger Herrick  
Orin and Ruth Hevle  
Blaine and Marjorie Hoff  
Ron and Patricia Hofmeister
Rick and Joanie Holm  
Scott and Carleen Holm  
Tim and Tammy Holzer  
Bob and Beth Holzwarth
Jason and Laura Hove
Ryan and Stacy Howlett  
Dave Hubbs  
Lee Hurlbert  
Jim and Pat Huls
Joe Humphrey
Gary and Sharon Hyde  
William S. Jacobson  
Richard and Donna James  
Dick and Sherry Jameson  
Mark Jensen  
Vaughn and Susan Jensen  
Charles Johnson  
Delmyn and Arlys Johnson
Erik and Darla Johnson   
Dorothy Jones  
Harry and Helen Jones
Larry and Jackie Kasten  
Kendall's Home Medical Services  
Kenner Plumbing
Jerry and Lynn Kerns
King Insurance Agency - Beverly King  
Michael Kjellsen
Jay and Michelle Knuppe  
Ben Knutzen  
Paul C. Konrad
Tim and Betsy Kosier
Nick and Diane Kranz  
Stephen Krebsbach  
Alex Kringen  
Matt and Jill Krogman  
Ryan and Melanie Krogman  
Tim and Kori Kromminga
Steven Kruse  
Shane Kuehl  
Stacey Kutil  
Russ Langer
Keith Larson  
Dick and Mary Jo Lee
Jeff Lee  
Rusty and Jacki Lenners  
Greg and Heather Lenz  
Ron and Eris Lenz
Chuck and Judy Lewis  
Don and Peggy Lien  
Ralph Lindner  
David and Joni Lingle
Norman and Sarah Lingle  
Charles Lingren  
Eric and Sandy Lingren  
Thomas Lograsso  
Russell Lokken  
Darwin and Jeanne Longieliere
Steve Luethje  
Hugh and Cari Mack  
Monte and Ruth Mason
John and Darlene Mandelke
Patrick and Katrina Manley  
Tom and Jeanne Manzer  
David and Linda Marquardt  
Paul and Dawn Marso  
Randy Marso
Cleo Maurer Family
Greg and Karen McDougall
Billy McMacken
Kurt and Angela Meister  
Ken Mertens  
Jim and Paula Meyer  
Midstates Agronomy  
George Miller  
Joel and Karen Minett  
George Mink, Jr.  
Modern Woodmen of America -
Joe Sztapka  
Keith and Karen Moe
Nathan and Colleen Moe
Richard Moe  
Shannon Moore
Larry and Susan Munger  
Tom and Michelle Munger  
Keith Murfield  
Ralph Nachtigal
Maynard and Sharon Nagelhout
NBD International
Nancy Neiber  
Kristine Nelson  
Terry A. and Jodi Nelson  
Doug and Judy Nemitz  
David Nettleton  
Donald and Betty Nettleton  
John and Chris Niederauer  
Roderick and Shari Nitzsche  
James and Julie Olson  
Randy and Celene Olson  
Dolores Osborne  
Timothy Ostermeier  
Gerry and Becky Ostgaard  
John and LaFaye Panariello  
Edward Parkhurst  
Delayne Parlet  
PE Group Engineers - Mark Joffer  
Joann Perso  
Craig and Kellie Peters  
Rob Peterson  
Paul Phillips
Bob Pidde
Scott and Patricia Piro  
Stephen and Kathy Pohl  
Virgil Polak  
Nathan and Angel Polfliet  
Derrick and Cami Powers  
Prairie Graphics  
Mark and CJ Priegnitz  
Kent Quail  
Dr. John and Donna Ramsay  
Jason Reaves  
Redfield SDSU Golf Outing
Tim and Mary Reed  
Ruth Rehn  
Chris and Melissa Reiner
Pete Retzlaff
Ryan and Lisa Richardson  
 Alan and Donna Riedesel  
Roger Rix
Thomas Roberts
Scott Roby
Kendell Rohrbach
Dwayne and Helen Rollag  
Mike and Pat Roth  
Lyle and Rhonda Rowen  
Rude's Home Furnishings - Alfred Rude  
Roland and Lynne Ryan  
Duane and Shirley Rykhus  
Rykhus Financial Services  
Linda Salmonson  
Austin Salonen
Joe and Katie Schefers
Dave Schmidt Agency
Roger and Jan Schneekloth  
Craig Schoen  
Jay Schoenebeck  
Galen and Michelle Schoenefeld  
Michael and Pamela Schroeder  
Rick and Lori Schultz
Steve Schultz  
Ron and Jan Seeley  
Mark Severson  
Gary and Linda Sheeley  
Patrick Sigl
Dr. Bruce Siegling  
Rahn Siemonsma  
Skyview Junction, LLC  
Todd Smetana  
Jerry F. Smith
Richard and Judy Smith  
Leonard and Ruth (Kundel) Spanjers
Nick and Bonnie Spielmann  
Leo and Elaine Spinar  
Spink County Grain Cleaners
Brian Stahl
Owen Stanley
Travis and Jenny Starks  
Lynn and Mary Steen  
Steen Bookkeeping Service, Inc.  
Gary and Cindy Stenstrom  
Todd and Martha Stevens
Chris Stoltenberg  
John and Janet Stone  
Rich and Darla Strande  
Mark and Jenni Struck  
Larry and Sandra Sutton
Neil and Debra Sunnarborg  
Dan and Karen Swanda  
Justin Swanson  
Steve and Cathy Swartos  
Mark Sweetman
Rob Swenson  
Paul Taecker  
Doug and Nancy Thompson  
Mark and Mary Thompson  
Jeff and Michelle Thue  
Mike Tietjen Agency  
Gary and Gena Timmerman  
Joel and Bree Torgrude  
Ryan and Megan Torgrude  
Steve and Renee Trapp  
Steve and Nicole Tripp  
Jayme Trygstad  
Richard and Patricia Turner
Paul and Dawn Twenge
Mark Uckert  
Ron and Judy Vanderheiden  
Doug and Betty Vanderwerff  
Cory VandeWettering  
John and Linda Vanhove
Ron and Mari Van Zanten
Mick and Lynn Varilek
Todd Voss  
Jeff and Stacey Vostad  
Kenneth and Joan Wagner  
Wayne and Ruth Waltz  
Martin and Amber Wennblom  
Gale O. and Esther M. Westburg
Jim and Connie White
Terry and Sharon Wieczorek  
Joe and Courtney Wiemann  
Donald Wilaby  
Willert Wellness and Chiropractic  
David and Marcia Withrow  
Nesa Rae Zielinski  
David Zoelle  
Timothy and Pamela Zoellner  
JoAnn Zwanziger
Gene and Mary Zulk

(Contributions of $100-$199)

Donald and Tabitha Aanonson  
David and Donna Acheson
Adee Honey Farms
Brad and Kathleen Alfred
Wendy Alsaker  
American Technical Services -
Dave Bressler  
David Anderson  
Forrest and Betsy Anderson
James and Betty Anderson
Lyle and Patricia Anderson
Nathan Anderson  
Wayne Anderson  
Joseph and Ashley Arthur
Eddie and Jean Asbill
Jerry and Jane Asmus
Auto Body Specialties, Inc.  
Marvin Bahr  
David and Sheryl Baldwin
John and Dorean Ball  
Phyllis Bartling  
Chris Bauer
Kurt and Susan Bassett  
Bret and Connie Batchelder
Steve and Shelly Bayer
Luanne Bebensee
Monty and Peggy Bechtold
Jerry Beckler
Bob Bellinger
Greg and Janice Benning  
Larry and Jeanette Bergh  
Tom and Diana Berkland  
David M. Biggar
Bobby Bisgard  
Michael Blazey  
Blue Goat Capital
Jean Blume  
Charles and Sharon Boese  
Jerry and Linda Bohlmann  
Bob and Linda Bork  
John and Margie Bornhoft
Donald E. Borstad  
John and Jamae Boscardin
Mary Bowne
Don and Crystal Bradley  
Darryl Breeschoten
Don Briggs  
Chad Broksieck  
Toby and Amber Rae Bryant
Jay and Christel Bubak  
Keith and Diane Burckhardt  
Matt and Tammy Burkhart  
Bob Burns  
Michael Buss  
Terri and Galen Busse
Ronald Campbell  
Gary and Doradean Carlson  
Galen P. Carver
Thomas Cator  
Neil Chaney  
Steve and Jean Chappell  
Chris and Mary Chase  
Paul and Kim Chase  
Bob and Michelle Cheever
Chris Christopherson  
Kileen Cleberg  
John and Susan Coats  
Nona Colwill  
William and Vivian Cook
Brian Cooley  
Steven Cooley
Keith and Roxanne Corbett  
Beverly Craddock  
Leon and Pat Crossman
Arthur and Florence Dahms
Ken and Karen Daly
Josh Davis
Philip and Jennifer DeGroot
Eric and Sherri Denning
Jeff and Kathy DesLauriers
Al and Beth Devitt  
Steve and Sheila Dewald
Tim and Deb DeWitt
Don and Judy DeZeeuw  
Jay and Diane Dirksen
Mary Pullman Dodge  
Bob and Pam Drake  
Gary Duffy  
Jeff Eckhoff  
Dave and Jan Eiesland  
Mark and Becky Ekeland  
Chuck Elhoff
David and Kandace Ellis  
Janice Embry  
Holly Eng  
Joel Erdmann  
Hart and Ruth Erickson  
Curt and Roxann Everson
Express Attorney Services - Sherwin and Leslie Bolks
David and Katie Falco
Scott Fausti  
Gerald Feikema  
Brian Fendrich  
Clayton Fischer  
Terry Fisher
Kara and Jamie Flemming  
Jonathan and Mandilyn Fliehs  
Brian Flom  
Dan and Valerie Foster
Randy and Cindy Frederick  
Chip and Roxanne Frederickson  
Colin and Jenna Friedrich  
B.J. Friedrichs
Dana Frohling  
Tom and Marilyn Gannon  
Kenn and Shari Garder  
Robert and Shirley Garry  
GHP Systems - Kris and Janet
Randy and Paula Gibson
Curt and Louise Gillen  
Joseph Gillen  
Tom Gilsrud  
Vic and Ruth Godfrey  
Darwin Gonnerman  
Daren Gravley  
Brad Gregory
John Grein  
Chris Gruenhagen  
Darin Gullickson  
Ed and Linda Gullickson
Jason and Gail Gullickson  
Emery and Christina Gunderson  
Emiliee Gusso  
Jim Gustafson  
Jeff and Kathy Haase  
Joseph and Elli Haerter
Doug and Pam Hagman
Dustin Halverson  
Seth and Ann Hansen  
Clark and Lyla Hanson  
Don Hanson
Doug Hanson
Bob and Judy Harris  
Mac Harris  
Shad and Patti Hawkey
Dennis and Susan Hedge  
Rod and Debbie (Cadwell) Heinrich
Ben and Tara Heinze
Gregory Heitmann
Shawn and Crystal Helmbolt
Dale and Heidi Henderschiedt  
Roger and Nancy Herrick  
Jeff and LaDonna Hieb  
Steve and Tara Hietpas
Marty and Valorie Higgins  
Jerry and Kathleen Hill
Dennis Hofer
Darren Hoff
Lynn Hohensee
Keith and Nancy Hokenson  
Jean Holle  
Mike and Kathy Hotvet  
Chad Houwman  
Chris Houwman  
Grant Houwman  
Scott Houwman  
Richard and Jane Howard  
Jarrod and Jody Huntimer  
Dan Hylland  
Industrial Machine and Engineering  
Evan and Pat Ingebrigtson
Jack and Pamela Ingemansen
James P. Iverson
Farrel and Linda Jacobsen  
Marlin and Cheryl Jenner  
Rich and Connie Jennings  
Ellis Jensen  
Larry Jensen
Alan and Carole Johnson  
Danny Johnson  
Dean Johnson  
Donald and Glenda Johnson  
Kevin and Pam Johnson
Lyndon and Pam Johnson
Ryan and Jill Johnson
James and Lori Jones  
Matt and Katie Jones  
Galen and Ann Jordre
Don and Mary Jorgenson  
Brian and Joyce Kaatz  
Chuck Kaiser  
Dr. Chad Kalil
Andy and Tracy Kardoes  
Steve and Linda Karlstad
Henry Keizer
Dorothy Kepford  
Teresa Kerr
Sam and Crystal Kezar  
Paul and Sue Kippley  
Mike and Janet Klein  
Russ and Barb Kleinjan  
David and Patty Kline  
Jim Klinker  
Martin and Gloria Kloster
Arlen Klosterboer
John Knobloch
Keith Knuppe  
Todd and Laurie Knutson  
Roger Koch  
Mark Kool  
Molly Kopp
Loretta Kortan  
Jeff and Jolette Kosier  
Thomas Kreger  
Jon and Beth Kringen
Jimmy and Linda Krsnak  
Laurie Kruse  
Michael Kuchta  
Rebecca Kurtz  
In Memory of Dutch Lampy
Russell and Nancy Lampy  
Eric Landis  
Tracy and Kristen Langer  
Ken and Vicki Lanier  
Jay and Kathy Larsen
Laird Larson
Neil Larson
Roger Larson  
Russell and Jill Larson  
David Law
Donna Lease  
David Lee
Cory and Jennifer Lichty
Dan and Gail Lien  
Niki Lograsso
Jim Long  
Victor and Susan Lopez  
Allyn Lunden  
Harold Lynn  
Mac MacDougal  
Dave and JoAnn Manke
Ed Maras  
James and Carola Marking  
Tony and Shelley Martin  
Glen Marts  
Nick Mashek  
Jimmy May  
Todd and Tina McDonald  
Larry McKenney  
Merlyn D. McKenney
Chuck and Marcia McMullen
Rob McTaggart  
Luke and Rochelle Meadows
Jack and Lynn Meister  
Raymond and Glenda Mernaugh  
Claudia B. Merthan  
Ron and Nancy Meyer  
Bill Miller  
Mills Construction
Dan Minor  
Marc and Julie Mooney  
James and Dorothy Morgan  
Jason Mork  
Gary and Lois Morris  
Brian and Vicki Nelson  
Bruce and Rita Nelson  
Ronald Nelson
Curt Ness  
Dan Newman  
David and Karen Nicholson  
Kathy Noem  
Darryl and Tracy Nordquist
Ken and Arlene Odde
Tracy and Darilyn Odegaard  
Jerry and Linda Oines  
Mike and Joannie Olenich  
Lawrence and Kathy Oliver  
Daniel Keith Osier  
Bob and Lisa Otterson
David G. Paquette
Paul Paterson  
Steve and Rachel Paula  
Tim and Mary Pearson  
Richard Peiper  
Lyle and Garnet Perman
Gregory and Katherine Petersen  
Todd Petersen
Derek and Janet Peterson  
Eric and Leigha Peterson  
Seth Peterson  
Jayson and Jaclyn Plamp
Marlyn and Pam Poppens
Dwayne Postma
Ritchie Price  
Brent and Dana Prosser  
Qdoba Mexican Grill  
Ed and Patricia Rada
Don Ray
Eric Ray
Razor's Edge Barber Shop  
Greg Rediger  
Ronnie and Sally Reimer  
Wayne Reiser  
David and Rina Reynolds  
Art Rezac  
Elizabeth Rezek
Les and Lynne Rhodes
Shane Rients  
Sarah Rippke  
James C. Roby  
Brent Rohlfs  
Tim and Margo Roth  
Julie Rothmeier  
Cody and Laurie Rufer
Bob and Maureen Rutten  
Michael Salter
Casey and Stephanie Sampson
Rick and Lynn Sandager
Max and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin
In Memory of Ken Schaack
Derrick Schantz  
Paul and Kim Schantz  
Roger Schmaltz  
Jim and Ann Schmidt  
Heidi Schultz  
Jeff Schumacher
Chuck Seaman
Micky and Heidi Sehr
Lewis Shelsta
Bonnie Sivage  
Gaye Skelly-Peterson
Jason and Lisa Skovlund
Norman and Jaye Scott Smith
Kiri Solberg  
Jim and Trish Spinar
Emil Stanec
Gene and Pam Stapleton
Mike Stein  
Brian and Mandy Sterud  
Cindi and Jim Stitz
Lynn and Janet Stofferahn
Mark Stolt  
Lynn and Laurie Stoltenburg  
Todd Stratmoen
John Sturdevant  
Jacob and Courtney Sukalski
Steve Sutton
Mark and Karin Swenson  
Bill and Dawn Taylor  
Clayton and Nancy Theobald
Brock Thompson
Charles D. Thompson
Helen Frost Thompson  
RJ and Mary Thompson  
Robert L. Thompson  
Wayne Tidemann
LaMoine and Barbara Torgerson  
Dennis and Mary Treiber
Time and Gete Treinen
Jay and Kelly Trenhaile
Jason Tronbak  
Les and Cherry Tuma  
The UPS Store - Don DeSmet  
Brett Van Gilder  
Ryan Vande Kieft  
Daniel and Nichole Van Roekel
Donald and Bonita Veal  
Cami Veire  
Jeff Verzal  
Aaron and Hilary Veskrna
Michael and Linda Vig  
Eugene and Susan Vostad  
Rick and LaRayne Wahlstrom  
Kevin and Lynn Watts  
Paul A. Weber  
Kent Weckwerth
Paula Weeldreyer  
Pam Weiland  
Larry Weiss  
Bud and Dorothy Weisser  
Dennis and Janice Welbig  
Thomas West  
Robert and Mary Westergard  
Cheryl Wiederrich  
John Wilber  
John Willard III  
David and Susan Willis  
Tom and Mavis Willmott
Winona Family Dental Care
Jim and Venita Winterboer
Russell Wirt  
Tim and Sara Wishard  
Witte Insurance Agency -
Leonard Witte  
Dale and Egli Wittler
Brian Wollman  
Bruce and Beverly Wosje  
Corey Wulf
Paul Wyczawski
Xtreme Recognition
Robert and Laurie Young
Kelley Yseth
Mark and Julie Zweep