Dear Valued Jackrabbit Club Members,

I would like to begin by thanking you for your past and continued support to the Jackrabbit Club. Your support of Jackrabbit Athletics and our great programs make a lifelong impact on our student-athletes and their experience at State!

By this time, you should have received your 2011 Jackrabbit Club Membership renewal information. We work hard to renew all of our Jackrabbit Club membership several reasons...

1.     We began moving the benefits associated with the Jackrabbit Club to coincide
        with our fiscal year of July 1 – June 30.

2.     By soliciting Jackrabbit Club renewal donations at this time, we can focus more time on new memberships
        and the continued growth the Jackrabbit Club.

3.     To increase our customer service of our loyal Jackrabbit Club donors and season ticket holders.

I know in the past you received letters or notifications based upon the month in which you previously made your donation to the Jackrabbit Club. We chose to move away from that system and start transitioning to a renewal time period of March-May, which helps us become more efficient.

Our success greatly depends on friends and supporters like you. Please consider making your gift for 2011 today! On behalf of more than 450 student-athletes, thank you for your donation to the Jackrabbit Club!

For more information, call at (605) 688-6388

Go Jacks!
NOTE: In 2010, if every member of the Jackrabbit Club would have increased their gift by 10 percent, SDSU Athletics would have been able to fully fund four additional scholarships to impact our great student-athletes! Consider increasing your gift in 2011!

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