South Dakota State head coach Aaron Johnston's opening statement:
"It was a good win for us. It's good to advance and have the chance to play in another championship game here. This is a special place, a great event and we're looking forward to representing South Dakota State again tomorrow afternoon.

"I thought we played really well today. We just had a great focus about us, a great intensity about us and I thought we maintained it for the majority of the game."

"Fort Wayne is a very difficult team to defend, especially for our team based on some matchups, but I thought those matchups probably worked in our favor a little bit more here today."

Gabby Boever on facing IPFW after it played a double-overtime game on Sunday:
"We came into (today's game) wanting to play at an up-tempo pace and I think it worked in our favor that they did go into double overtime. Coming in to the game we wanted to play at a fast pace just like we would normally.

Ashley Eide on the team's improvement from its opening-round game:
"I think we had a good focus, like A.J. said, about us today. I thought our intensity was really good today and where it needed to be. I thought we were able to play with a lot of energy and really get after them on the defensive end."

Eide on the possibility of an in-state championship game.
"We'll be out there watching. If we end up playing (South Dakota) that would be a lot of fun. Either way we're out there tomorrow to win the game no matter who we're playing. We're looking forward to it and see what comes."

Megan Waytashek on the difference between today's game and the two regular season meetings:
"We just played with a lot more passion and intensity. You could tell we were having a good time out there and it shows when we're all playing together, just all fighting together, and I thought that helped us a lot tonight."

Coach Johnston on the team's first-half performance:
"In a game like this, it kind of fell our way. They missed some shots that had they gone in early might have changed the complexion of the game and made us think about how we wanted to defend them differently. But in this case we got a lot of buckets around the basket and it made them think about how they wanted to defend us."

"Megan Waytashek and Ashley Eide around the basket really changed the game and made them kind of come after us in zone. We got a little foul trouble there, too, and I think that hurt them. Sometimes in a game certain matchups go your way and today it went toward us."

"Tomorrow's game is going to be played out with how we play tomorrow. I just don't sense that what we did today or what the other team will have done is going to have a big impact in tomorrow's game."

On the team's balance:
"It just is like that all the time for us. I think everybody watches our team and everybody knows who's really good on our team. Sometimes we keep talking about balance and think, ‘boy, there are just no standout players -- we've got some players on this team.' Ashley was good today; she was as good as anybody I've seen in the tournament so far. Megan Waytashek is awfully good even though her numbers weren't great. Katie Lingle, there's just no other post like her in the conference right now as a true post. The balance is great; I think it makes it difficult for teams to defend and difficult to focus on particular players, but we have some really good players."

On which is the better matchup in the championship game between South Dakota and IUPUI:
"I don't know that I would worry too much about it. We didn't win today's game because we swept Fort Wayne earlier the year; we won today's game because of how we played today. I think tomorrow's game will be won by whoever plays better on that particular day."

On the play of the team's seniors, starting with Ashley Eide:
"You hope players like that kind of find a little extra gear. We talked about that coming into the game as a team we felt we needed to find a little bit more intensity and a little more focus than we brought in the first round."

"Ashley Eide needs to grab the reins and get us going in the right direction and take on a pretty active role in getting that done. When you see seniors do that, I think it's great. Leah (Dietel) is playing great right now. I don't think Leah will lead us in scoring very often, but her level is higher than it was a week ago; Katie's (Lingle) level is higher than it was a week ago. All three of those seniors have grabbed the reins and they're playing great so far."