Mission Statement:
To administer the most advanced ethical, preventative, comprehensive, and personalized health care services for continued optimal performance of SDSU student-athletes.

Vision Statement:
To be at the forefront of contemporary healthcare services, medical amenities, and facilities for the well being of SDSU student-athletes; accomplished through the utilization of our community medical professionals, experienced staff, and cultivating sports medicine research.

Core Values:
Honesty, equity, academic integrity, fiscal integrity, and social responsibility


Returning Student-Athletes

New/Transfer/Tryout or Walk-on Forms


SDSU Sports Medicine Staff
Ben Heinze Director
(605) 695-8141
Michelle Buechner Assistant (MBB,Golf)
(605) 688-4003
Michelle Buechner@sdstate.edu
David Kragness Assistant (WBB, Tennis)
(605) 688-6079 David.Kragness@sdstate.edu
Lisa Spors Assistant (VB)
(605) 688-5996 Lisa.Spors@sdstate.edu
David Rule Assistant (FB, EQ)
(605) 688-6820 David.Rule@sdstate.edu
Rebecca Cover Graduate Asst. (Football)   Rebecca.Cover@sdstate.edu
Deb Fanning
Graduate Asst. (Softball)   Deborah.Fanning@sdstate.edu
Bobby Daigle Graduate Asst. (Baseball)   Bobby.Daigle@sdstate.edu
Megan Cottier Graduate Asst. (Swim/Dive)   Megan.Cottier@sdstate.edu 
Jordan Faimon
Graduate Asst. (Wrestling)   Jordan.Faimon@sdstate.edu 
Michael Aderman
Graduate Asst. (EQ, FB)   Michael.Aderman@sdstate.edu
Jess Brestel
Graduate Asst. (T&F/CC)   Jessica.Brestel@sdstate.edu
Woody Dahl
Graduate Asst. (T&F/CC)   Woodrow.Dahl@sdstate.edu