The South Dakota State Equestrian team is always looking for quality horses to lease or accept as donations for our program. Completion of the DeHaan Equestrian Center in 2008 more than tripled the team's previous training facilities. At nearly 26,000 square feet, the $3.6 million climate-controlled facility features an indoor riding arena, 41 stalls, areas for grooming, washing and preparing the horses, as well as separate on-site work areas for veterinarians and farriers.  The DeHaan Equestrian Center property consists of a total of 160 acres, with approximately 35 acres of fenced paddocks where horses receive daily turnout.  

Our Horses

We utilize horses from both western and hunt seat disciplines. Our hunt seat horses consist of hunters, jumpers and horses with backgrounds in eventing. Hunt Seat horses with training and show experience on the flat and/or jumping over three feet are preferred. On the western side, we need horses with training and show experience in either horsemanship or reining. In order for the riders to prepare for the level of competition in the National Collegiate Equestrian Association, we can only accept horses that meet these levels of training and experience. 

Why Lease a Horse to SDSU?
There are several advantages to donating or leasing your horse to the South Dakota State Equestrian team. For horse owners who like to ride or compete in the late spring and summer, a lease may be a great option. The team uses horses leased to our program for the competition season, which runs September through April. During this time, we relive the owner of the costs involved in boarding, preventative veterinary care and shoeing, and the horse receives daily exercise. We keep the horses in 12x12 stalls and provide them with excellent care and daily turnout. 

Why Donate a Horse to SDSU?
The second option is the outright donation of your horse to the SDSU equestrian team. This is a great opportunity for owners to give their horses a new home, while providing the owner with a possible tax deduction. We require a 30-day trial period for all donations and leases to ensure that your horse enjoys being part of our program and works for our riders. During this time, we provide the owner with a signed lease agreement. If the owner of the horse is interested in a possible tax deduction, an appraisal letter from an industry professional must be provided to the SDSU Foundation. 

If leasing or donating your horse to the program is something that interests you, please contact SDSU Head Equestrian Coach Megan Rossiter by phone at (605) 688-4506 or by email at