Anyone can become a member of the Jackrabbit Club. The easiest way to sign up as a new member is to give
online by clicking the above link, or by calling the Jackrabbit Club office at 1-866-GOJACKS.2. HOW IS MY JACKRABBIT CLUB DONATION USED?
Your tax-deductible contribution to the Jackrabbit Club is used to defray the cost of scholarships for our
student-athletes at SDSU. Every dollar contributed to the Jackrabbit Club goes to pay off our annual scholarship
bill which has grown to more than $3 million a year. 3. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BEING A JACKRABBIT CLUB MEMBER?
Several! Primarily, Jackrabbit Club members can take pride in the fact that they are allowing the 450+ student-athletes
at South Dakota State to realize their dreams of playing college athletics and getting a great education. In addition,
there are many tangible benefits available - you can see them by clicking here.4. CAN I IMPROVE MY SEAT LOCATION?
When seats for football, basketball, volleyball and wrestling become available, first preference is given to members of the
Jackrabbit Club. Jackrabbit Club members will be allowed to upgrade or change seats based on their priority point totals
(more on priority points by clicking here).  As the duration of your Jackrabbit Club membership and your cumulative
contributions grow, your priority point total allows you to earn better seats.5. CAN I DESIGNATE GIFTS TOWARD A PARTICULAR SPORT OR PROGRAM?
Absolutely! We understand that you may want to make an impact on a particular sport or program within Jackrabbit Athletics.
When completing the registration form, simply indicate which program you wish to direct your gift towards.
If you have additional questions, please contact the Jackrabbit Club office at 1-866-GOJACKS