Strategic Plan Header

The 2014-18 Jackrabbit Athletics Strategic Plan builds on the achievement of the previous strategic plan that was introduced in 2004 as part of South Dakota State University's NCAA Division I reclassification requirements.

University administrators, along with Athletics staff, coaches and student-athletes participated in the planning. The examination of SDSU and NCAA materials, as well as documents from Division I conferences and institutions, was also vital to this process.

Similar to the University's Impact 2018 strategic plan, Jackrabbit Athletics’ strategic plan requires innovation, prioritization of resources and determination. Accordingly, The Jackrabbit Way features Core Values, as well as Mission and Vision Statements that complement Impact 2018 , along with a dynamic Division I environment.

Critical goals, strategies, due dates and metrics are organized within seven Success Factors. Ongoing review and assessment procedures will gauge goal achievement, as well as the prioritization of resources.

The Athletic Department’s staff, coaches and student-athletes are grateful to the many individuals, University departments and external agencies for their participation in the strategic planning process:

• David L. Chicoine, Ph.D. — President, Professor of Economics
• Laurie Nichols, Ph.D. — Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
• Wes Tschetter — Vice President for Finance and Business/Chief Financial Officer
• Dean Kattelmann — Assistant Vice President, Facilities and Services
• Jamie Nolan-Andrino — Chief Diversity Officer
• Rich Reid, Ph.D. — Associate Dean for College of Engineering/Faculty Athletic Representative
• Christopher Chase, Ph.D. — Professor of Animal Disease Research/Chair of Intercollegiate Athletic Board
• SDSU Alumni Association
• SDSU Executive Team
• SDSU Office of Diversity, Equity and Community
• SDSU Department of Facilities and Services
• SDSU Department of Finance and Business
• SDSU Foundation
• SDSU Department of Human Resources
• SDSU Office of Information Technology
• SDSU University Marketing and Communications
• SDSU Division of Student Affairs
• Athletics Compliance Team
• Architecture Incorporated
• Crawford Architects
• Jackrabbit Sports Properties
• Wintrode Student Success Center