SDSU Student-Athletes' Cumulative GPA in Sell era - 2009-present

2009-10: 3.189
2010-11: 3.229
2011-12: 3.193
2012-13: 3.262
2013-14: 3.145

As of the end of the 2013-14 academic year, the over 500 Jackrabbit student-athletes owned a cumulative GPA of 3.227.

SDSU student-athletes study in over 70 different majors or pre-professional programs, with the following consistently being the top majors:

Pre-Professional Programs (Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, Pre-PT, Pre-Dentistry, etc.)
Teaching Programs (PE Teaching, Early Childhood Education)
Exercise Science

A large number of student-athletes also study in the pharmacy and nursing programs.