Hello Hello Hello!  Greetings from Boston!

I cannot believe that it's June already. Today I meet my volleyball comrades at Logan International Airport. We depart from Boston to Vienna today at 6:20 pm.  

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that i would be fortunate enough to have this amazing opportunity!  

This trip could not have been possible without the helpful Donations from:
1) Scott & Kris Seas
2) Amy Andersen
3) Craig & Karon Anderson
4) Gerald & Shirley Bergum
5) Roger & Kay
6) Matt & Angie Hotzler
7) Erik and Kay Dahl
8) Cubby’s Sports Bar
9) Pete & Jo Binker
10) Club Soda 18- Blue Parents and Players  
11) The Wilsons
12) The Janssens

SO A SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR HELPING ME FINANCE MY TRIP and begin to pay back my sister who I took a loan from in order to pay for this  $4,000 dollar trip!!!  

Truly I am ever so grateful!!!  (donations are still welcome if you wish to help as well, but please do not feel obligated)  my current email address is mmangner@jacks.sdstate.edu I'd be happy to email you my home address.

For those who know me, despite my four years of traveling with SDSU, I’m not the best packer in the U.S., LET ALONE FOR A TEN DAY TOUR IN EUROPE : )  I have been putting it off for as long as possible and it was quite the task to say the least. I didn't want to over pack, so I would have plenty of room for souvenirs. I made sure I had my volleyball gear, uniforms, camera, contacts, toothbrush and toothpaste and the most important  South Dakota State attire.  

My teammates are all in college either undergrad or graduate school. I am the only girl on my entire team from South Dakota however there is one from Colorado, two each from Oklahoma City University, Harvard University, Dartmouth College and lastly Bucknell University. I am very excited to meet these girls.  

Once again for those who know me I am not shy but very outgoing. This will be one of those once in a lifetime opportunities to not only learn about other people and their particular university, but also to get the good word out about South Dakota as a whole and the people that live there.  

I will try and keep a blog per day or every other to keep everyone posted but I do not know how the internet will be!  Well off I go to pack up and check out!

Thanks for reading!
Mackenzie Angner