Today we took a day trip to Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. Out of all the places I had seen in and around Austria, Ljubljana was the most metropolitan area so far. 


Due to the distance of the drive, we were given about an hour and a half to walk around, shop and eat. I loved Slovenia, it was very interesting. It was old and rustic, yet contained all the modern amenities. 

One thing I noticed while I was overseas was that our buildings in America “looked the part in which they played”.  For instance, the outsides of a school or a bank appeared to be just that, a school or bank. 


However in Europe, the buildings all look the same. They are old, rustic and no two are alike. So at times it was very hard to find the specialty shops that you needed such as a drug store because it was more or less located in a building that looked like an apartment complex or a bar. 


We walked for a while until we found this cute hole-in-the-wall restaurant, which literally had enough room for about 30 people. The locals were not happy, to say the least.  -- did I mention the language barrier was rough here? -- They did not speak German, but Slovene, which is similar enough to German, but different when it comes to the greetings and common phrases.  

After our free time, we went off and played some volleyball!!  Now these girls were good. We went to four games, we were playing best out of five, but we ran out of time. 


All of the volleyball girls and fans were all very disappointed, but we had to make way for the men’s basketball game. Go figure, even over in Europe, women’s volleyball takes second to basketball. Oh well, hopefully one day this reality will change : )



After we played, we ate dinner once again with the team, most the girls were older, like sophomores in college, so it was nice to talk to non-teenagers for once on this trip! 

We packed up the bus, headed back to our hotel and began to pack and get ready for the night and morning festivities.... ITALY HERE WE COME!!

Mackenzie Angner