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Photo by: South Dakota State University

Fiegen A2 Blog #2

Courtesy: SDSU Sports Info
Release: 05/25/2011 13:23:43
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Hello Everybody!
Golly, Day 2 has come and gone already, I can't believe it! The last few girls finally arrived safely this morning. We had our first two full sessions of two and a half to three hour practices today. The focus today was just to get all of us into the gym and to compete. The level of play with these girls is very high and nonstop intensity. It's been very humbling walking around or practicing seeing USA on our gear knowing very few girls in the nation have this opportunity. A good share of the girls are the best in the nation and that is the level of play that steps into the gym and onto the court here.
The morning session all we did was warm up with a two-person over-the-net pepper drill that was a new twist on what I know. We incorporated our dynamic stretch into the drill, which was actually pretty neat. Then we jumped right into play. They had all of us divided up onto two courts, and we played six games to 25 points or 15 minutes, which ever came first. The coaching staff had the setters and liberos on a rotation system, so we played each game with different people, which added a little more challenge to the game. The first session came and went in a flash!
We got a short lunch and afternoon break before regrouping for a second session. Again, we did the same pepper drill as in the morning and jumped right into playing. We only played four games this session, still rotating setters and liberos. After that, we did a servers vs. passers game and then a wave drill to wrap up the evening session. I can never wrap my mind how quickly time flies during practice, but then again, they do keep us moving and playing quite a bit!
They stat everything here during the entire practice, which is extremely helpful, not only for the coaching staff, but for us players as well, to track how we perform from session to session and day to day. I believe they hope to divide us up into our three separate teams by tomorrow mornings session. Then, we will be working toward preparing for the tournament as individual teams and building up those team connections even more!
I have met a lot of really nice, sweet girls down here, and I'm thoroughly enjoying every minute and the experience of this opportunity. It's only the second day, and I have already learned so much from not only the coaching staff, but also the girls.  Again, I can't say it enough I am so blessed to be here and have this opportunity to represent the state of South Dakota and South Dakota State University!
Go Big. Go Blue. Go Jacks!

God Bless,

Kelli Fiegen

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