Well, it is official...no more waiting! The first round is set against Texas Christian University, Sunday at 6:00 p.m. in Lubbock, Texas.  

It is crazy to think back to freshman year (2005-06) where the “Big Dance” was still years away and merely a forecasted dream, and here we are now! It is a relief to FINALLY know who we are playing in the NCAA tournament.  

The practices leading up to Monday night's selection show have been good  –we've been fine tuning our main offenses and defenses and honing in on some of our skills – but we are DEFINITELY excited to start preparing and focusing in on our opponent’s strengths and tendencies.  

Today’s practice introduced what TCU will bring to the floor and luckily; we still have three more days to focus and key in on what we need to do in order to stop them!  
The team is definitely excited to travel and start playing again, and I think the fans are ready to see some good basketball — even if they can’t watch it live.  I am pretty pumped about the thought of being on ESPN2, and I am certain everyone else is too!  

I better schedule a haircut, maybe get some highlights or color...ha ha, just kidding. How about we all just pack our bags and get ready for Texas, apparently everything is bigger there... I hope they are ready for some pesky rabbits to be running around though!  

Check the blogs tomorrow to read more from the seniors (Jenn, Stacie, Ashlea, and Morgan). 

Adios, Ashlea Muckenhirn #42   

Stacie Oistad on Selection Monday 

All day Monday, March 16th, was exciting. The atmosphere around campus was lively and buzzing, As Spring Break just ended and classes resumed, I think everyone on the team received the questions: “So do you have any idea who you will play? Where do you think you’ll be playing at? What seed will you be? Has AJ heard anything about the tournament yet?”

I wish we could’ve answered them – it was tough not to give speculation or possibilities of what could happen without knowing for certain. All I could think about before practice that day was “Who in the world are we going to play?!”
Our team practiced from 2-4:30 p.m., before getting ready to attend the first-ever NCAA Selection Show in which we would be seeded in the BIG DANC

After practice, it was a mess of hair dryers, straightners and make-up in the lockeroom – never before had our team cared so much about our appearance! Usually it is just sweats and wet heads after practice heading to Larson Commons to grab a quick dinner, but Tuesday night was special. This was a big moment for not only our team and coaching staff, but also for our school, our fans and the community of Brookings as a whole. I believe this opportunity impacts all of those areas and the team is very proud to represent South Dakota State University and the state of South Dakota in the national spotlight.

Walking out to mingle with the crowd before the event in Frost started was comparable to running out before a game. The entire side of the reserved section was full, packed with people. All I could think was “WOW.”I saw a pair of young girls holding a yellow sign stating “Jacks rule on ESPN”, another cute little girl in a cheerleading uniform waving pom-poms and watched people of all ages wave yellow and blue balloons in the air.

It was a wonderful and much appreciated sight – it makes your realize that the impact of this experience goes way beyond just our team. This experience is bigger than 14 girls, coaches and student managers, and we can’t thank everyone enough for their support on that particular night and for the entire season.

I am so proud to be a South Dakota State Jackrabbit and cannot wait to head to Lubbock, Texas!