Today we geared up for another practice to get our team ready for TCU on Sunday evening. We spent some time before practice watching film and learning more about our NCAA opening round opponent. It was nice to watch them on film rather just than hear about their strengths and tendencies. Practice went really well. Our team took a big step forward with our intensity and focus. We have two more practices to get ready for the game. 
Tonight we will all pack our bags to get ready to fly out in the morning. The usual items will be packed: jerseys, practice gear, shoes, drivers license, etc.  However, I hear it is WARM down in Texas, so many of us will be packing extra shorts, rather than sweats, and probably a pair of sandals. Can't beat weather like that! It is always amazing how well we can fit everything in our Nike bags. We are girls remember, and that means we never pack lightly. It's a miracle we never go over the 50-pound limit at the airport.
We can tell that people are getting excited for this weekend. I don't know how many times today I have been told "Good luck!" whether it was walking through campus or leaving Hy-Vee. The support that we get from all of the SDSU followers is amazing! I think it's safe to say that all of Jackrabbit Nation will be with us down in Texas, whether they are there in person, on ESPN2, on the radio, or in spirit.
We look forward to blogging with you throughout our NCAA run. We practice tomorrow morning and then hit the plane for Lubbock, Texas! It's another great day to be a Jackrabbit!

Jennifer Warkenthien

Today we finally got to see TCU play during film. It was definitely a good thing that we got to see them and learn what we need to do on Sunday; it made us all feel really motivated and ready to go. The team is taking steps forward and improving everyday and were all getting excited to finally get to play a game.
Tonight we pack up for Texas and were pumped to travel to some nice weather. We are hoping that everyone else that is traveling down there enjoys it as much as we will. I know the team really appreciates all the support we get through the community and feel they deserve a great trip too.
I look forward to seeing all of the Jackrabbit fans down in Texas and continuing this amazing journey. I could not think of a better experience for both the players and the fans after the awesome season we have had.
Morgan Meier