Saturday, March 21
By Jennifer Warkenthien

Here we are again, on the Eve of our very first NCAA Tournament game. We started off this "b-e-a-utiful" Saturday eating breakfast as a team in our hotel. I think our team would eat breakfast three times a day if it was possible. We had a little bit of down time before practice and I think most of us spent the time either napping (yes at 9 in the morning), watching ESPN highlights, or working on some homework. Some of us have become professionals at managing our time.
We arrived to the United Spirit Arena and were very impressed. This facility is home to the Red Raiders of Texas Tech and looks like it will be a great place to play our opening round game. We met in the locker room, where snacks and water were provided.

There was a press conference before practice that lasted about a half hour. It felt different than our usual post-game press conferences in the HPER. First of all, we were on a stage. Secondlyl, we were blinded by bright lights putting off a lot of heat. Nonetheless, it was a good experience. Most of the questions were from South Dakota reporters, but a couple of Texans threw a handful of questions our way. 

Practice went really well.  We had exactly 60 minutes to get through everything that we needed in preparation for our game tomorrow. Practice had a different feel to it beings it was considered an "open" practice (open to the public). There were cameras at practice and a lot of people watching, but we still had a very successful, competitive practice.
Since practice, we have been hanging out in the hotel. Again, many of us have been studying, watching TV, and napping.  The vibe has been pretty mellow, but let me assure you, there is NEVER a dull moment with this team!

We are off to Triple J's Steakhouse tonight. I ordered the prime rib and am looking forward to it. With all of the cattle that they raise here in Texas, I don't think any of us will be disappointed with our selections. The rest of the night will be very low-key as we take time to ourselves to get mentally prepared for the game tomorrow.  Whether you are reading this in Texas, in South Dakota, or in the Netherlands, I know you will be thinking about the JACKRABBITS tomorrow Sunday night at  6 p.m.

See you in 24 hours when it's go time!