Legacy Fund

What is the minimum contribution?
What is the Letterwinners Legacy Fund?
The Letterwinners Legacy Fund is an endowment set up to support one female and
one male student-athlete each year. This endowment is particularly special because
it is built solely on the gifts from our former student-athletes. Your $500 gift is put into
an account and we use the interest off of it year-after- year to provide the scholarships. 
What is the benefit?
Your $500 gift gets you all of the benefits associated with the SDSU Letterwinners
Club (not the Jackrabbit Club). Plus, you will receive a commemorative plaque that
includes the South Dakota State University official varsity letter along with your name and
sport(s) you participated in.
How do I donate?
1. Click the link below and designate your gift to "Letterwinners Club Legacy"
2. Print off a registration form and send in a check made payable to "SDSU Letterwinners Club",
nd put Legacy Fund in the memo line