Good afternoon from Poland!

It’s hard to believe I’m thousands of miles away from North America and already finishing the second day of training. My experience thus far has been unbelievable and I hope you enjoy the following details.

 After a short bus ride to the stadium, the team and I prepare for two training sessions per day. Brushing up on my Polish can be tricky at times, but the soccer field has a universal language. Regardless of your nationality, the game of “football” connects teammates in a truly wonderful way. Adapting to a new team and different style of play is a positive as it brings variation to my game, as well as experience in a new environment. I look forward to a friendly against a club team tomorrow. Wearing the “Orzeł Biały,” Poland’s national crest, is an honor and provides me with great motivation; wish us luck!

Traditional Polish meals have only made my stay even better! From freshly baked bread to daily picked garden vegetables, I reminisce in memories of my grandmother’s cooking. A quick trip to a local store has filled the available room in my suitcase with delicious treats: truffles, assorted chocolates, rich coffee, and one of my favorites, Michałki (dark chocolate covered praline sweets).  Exchanging a few words with other customers was exciting and with my teammates by my side I can’t way for the stories to come!