Packing for my morning flight and awaiting our final team meeting, I reflected on the past week. Our friendly against a professional women’s team, Extra Legia Warsawa, resulted in a 1-1 tie with competitive play from both ends. A “now or never” approach to prove myself in this game was crucial. The game was played in 30-minute thirds. I started as the center striker and felt a strong confidence in my team. Moments after kickoff, the game was definitely developing into high intensity with little margin for error. Our formation allowed us to benefit from the wider pitch as well as work an attack up the flanks. We were successful in finishing off crosses and finding the frame from long distances. A well-organized defensive line created a build up beginning from the keeper to the striker.

The final third provided me with somewhat of a surprise. Head Coach Wojciech Basiuk instructed my positioning as a left fullback. Being of a more offensive background, I saw this as a challenge and was thrilled to see what would come of it. Once more, to my surprise, I enjoyed the defensive aspect of the game and possibly look forward to such a role in the future.

Goodbyes are never easy, especially after an amazing week playing the game I’ve loved since the start. Representing Poland on the soccer field is an honor I have been given the privilege to uphold. Hard work is my only option and a path I am more than happy to take. Whether it is on the soccer field at SDSU or in the classroom, I am motivated to work towards my potential and even surpass expectations. Excellence can be achieved by any one of us, but it is through our daily choices in which we become remembered. Always be proud of yourself and for what you stand, and others will see your example with nothing but admiration.