There are many ways you or your family can be a part of the South Dakota State Jackrabbit family.  The following gifts will enhance academic and athletic experiences, while creating opportunities for lifelong champions!

Ways to Give:


Perpetual Scholarship/Endowment-A scholarship that is designed to provide awards in perpetuity.  These contributions are also invested in a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds, and once again no award is given until the account reaches the $20,000 level.  The donor must make a commitment to reach the endowment mark within a three-year period.

Cash -Direct contribution is the most common method of giving and way to pay off a capital gift pledge. These gifts are made in the form of cash or check payable to the SDSU Athletic Department. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Gift In Kind-Gift in Kind is a form of charitable giving in which, instead of giving money to buy needed goods and services, the goods and services themselves are given which directly impact a budgeted SDSU Athletics item.

Gift Annuities-A charitable gift annuity is an agreement between you and the SDSU Foundation. To help meet the diverse needs of its donors, the SDSU Foundation offers two annuity plans: immediate payment and deferred payment.

Matching Gifts-Matching Gifts are a great way to maximize your gift to SDSU Athletics. Many corporations will match their employee's contributions. Please consult the benefits office at your place of employment. You may be able to double or triple the value of your gift.

Insurance and Retirement Plans-Paid up life insurance policies can make excellent gifts with tax advantages. Another option is to take out a new policy and make the Foundation owner and beneficiary. Future premium payments are tax deductable charitable gifts. What’s left in a person’s retirement plan or IRA can be assigned in part or in full to establish a named fund. Currently, persons over age 70 ˝ can direct funds from their IRA to a charity without having to claim a taxable distribution.


Life Income Funds- A life income gift allows you to receive income (often an increased income) while making a gift to SDSU Athletics. In addition, life income plans can offer an immediate charitable deduction, avoidance of capital gain taxes, investment diversification, and professional management at no cost. Our gift planning staff is available to assist volunteers, donors, and their advisors in establishing life income plans.


Property-Works of art, rare coins, other collections, antiques or personal possessions can be given outright or willed. Proceeds from the sale of the items could be used to fund an endowment.


Real Estate-Farms, buildings, residences and real estate investments can make ideal gifts. It is normally possible to give appreciated property and avoid capitals gain taxes.


Stocks and Bonds-By giving stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares, the donor makes a gift that is recorded at the current fair market value. Capital gain tax is avoided. You may also wish to discuss gifting stock options or stock in a closely held corporation.


Wills and Trusts-All or part of what remains after loved ones have been provided for can be set aside in a will or living trust for future use by SDSU Athletics. Many endowed programs are created or supplemented through such bequests. Assets can also be set aside for use by the Foundation for a limited period and then pass on to family members.


To discuss giving opportunities, call the SDSU Athletic Development office toll free at (888) 747-7378 or (605) 697-7475.


SDSU Athletic Development Office

815 Medary Ave Box 525

Brookings, SD 57007