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Men's Basketball Recruit Questionnaire
South Dakota State men's basketball created the questionnaire for student-athletes interested in more information about the South Dakota State men's basketball program. Please fill out the questionnaire as thoroughly as possible. For more information, contact assistant coach Rob Klinkefus at (605) 688-6224, or via e-mail at Rob.Klinkefus@sdstate.edu. Only the SDSU men's basketball program uses the information submitted, and does not forward anything to a third party without prior consent.

Required Fields in Bold

Birth Date
Home Phone
Mobile Phone
Father's Name
Father's Occupation
What college did your father attend (if any)
Father's Phone Number
Mother's Name
Mother's Occupation
What college did your mother attend (if any)
Mother's Phone Number
I live with
If you selected "other", who do you live with?
Please list your brothers and sisters (if any) and their age(s)
High School/Junior College
Guidance Counselor
Counselor's Phone
Intended College Major
Class Rank out of how many students? (Example: 10th out of 245)
Grade Point Average
ACT and/or SAT score
Graduation Date
Did you register with the NCAA Clearinghouse?
NCAA Clearinghouse PIN Number
High School Head Coach
Head Coach's Phone
AAU Team
AAU Coach
AAU Coach's Phone Number
Athletic Honors
Points Per Game
Rebounds Per Game
Assists Per Game
Field Goal Percentage
Free Throw Percentage
Did or do any of your family or friends attend South Dakota State?